You can buy beautiful advanced mobile from Blackberry brand or OS, the mobiles are really very powerful and affordable. When you decided to buy a phone, you should read reviews first, you can read the reviews here on or you can read on Amazon India website as well.

  • BlackBerry Z30 (White), 4.2″ Screen Smartphone Price in India

    BlackBerry Z30 SmartphoneThe Quad-band BlackBerry Z30 is a latest Smartphone in the market now. The Z30 Smartphone comes with too many rich and improved features with a larger screen size of 5-inch in AMOLED display capacity with a screen resolution of 720p. Of course, the display screen of the Z30 is a touch-screen to provide easy navigation without any difficulties. Before this addition, Z10 was also a powerful Smartphone from BlackBerry but it was having a 4.2-inch screen-size, but with Z30 you get 5-inch screen size in super AMOLED display to view images and HD videos very clearly. The BlackBerry Z30 uses a powerful Qualcomm chipset with a latest GPU with a longer battery backup than the earlier Z10. The BlackBerry Z30 uses the latest version of BB 10.2 operating system to bring lock-screen notifications, a new instant preview and reply feature, latest priority hub, latest system apps, USB connectivity and many others. Read more…

  • BlackBerry Q10 (Black) Review & Price in India to Buy from Amazon

    Q10 smartphone
    BlackBerry Q10: super AMOLED capacitive touch screen
    The BlackBerry Q10 uses BlackBerry Balance technology to keep your data safe by creating 2 profiles, one for business and another for personal use. The Q10 mobile will let you access your work-email and apps without any difficulties. In case you are busy with too many tasks at the same time, the BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone lets you keep all the files such as important images, lists, messages, web URL at one place in group-wise. Using the BlackBerry Hub, you can stay connected to what happening in your circle without postponing your present tasks. You just need to simply use the BlackBerry Hub from any app with just a swipe and see what happening outside your present tasks.
    The BlackBerry Q10 comes with BBM feature, you can easily switch your BBM chat to a BBM video to chat face-to-face with your friends, colleagues, clients etc. You can also use the new Screen Share feature to share images, browser or business related documentations as well.
    And, the BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone is full of entertainment stuffs, the BlackBerry World storefront can be used for entertainment purposes also, and you can easily download apps, music, games, videos and lot more others. If you want a Smartphone that does multi-tasking, this BlackBerry Q10 is ideal for you. Read more…

  • BlackBerry Q5 (Black) Price in India – 3″ TFT Display Review

    BlackBerry Q5The BlackBerry Q5 is a great phone for business users. The Q5 mobile from BlackBerry is a popular cell phone in its category that has a refurbished BlackBerry 10 operating system. It is designed in a typical curve style with a full physical keyboard with dedicated keys for convenient typing purposes. The Q5 mobile phone has numerous features to provide the best performance; the latest Instant Action feature in the Q5 enables you to connect via BBM to quickly reply your emails and to update Facebook status. The Dual core Q5 BlackBerry mobile uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor for the best performance. It comes with a 3.1” touch-screen display having a superb screen resolution of 720 x 720 pixels. The large screen size of this Q5 mobile enables you to use multiple applications at the same time. Also, in this large-screen display, you can clearly view images and videos in the natural colour. You can use the 5-megapixel rear camera of this mobile phone to record videos and capture beautiful images without any difficulties. The BlackBery Q5 mobile comes with an internal storage capacity of 8GB so that you don’t have to depend on the external storage devices.
    The BlackBerry Q5 features BlackBerry World storefront that has thousands of applications to download so that you can easily access to your preferred and latest games, books, magazines, music etc. It comes with a great sharing capability to share images, videos, files, songs, music instantly with your friends with one-touch. It also comes with a new BlackBerry Hub that lets you shift from your current stuffs to other applications to see what happening with your friends, or in your business using social media sites and other websites without any difficulties. This dual core Q5 mobile phone is an affordable phone that can directly be purchased from Amazon India. Read more…

  • BlackBerry Curve 9220 (Black) – BlackBerry Operating System Review 2014

    BlackBerry Curve 9220
    BlackBerry Curve 9220: 512MB internal memory, 1.5 years manufacturer warranty

    The BlackBerry Curve 9220 comes with an exclusive BBM shortcut key to connect quickly. In just one-touch, you can use the BBM App to chat in real time or share files, videos, music with your friends quickly. You can easily use its group messaging feature to chat with your friends in group or in private one-on-one as well. The BBM App of this BlackBerry phone (Curve 9220) is compatible with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, so you can easily connect with these social media sites to share anything or to read the updates. The Blackberry App World storefront has too many apps; you can download any specific app according to your preference and requirements. When you download any app from the blackberry App World, you can easily tell your contacts that you have downloaded a new App, they may also like that app as well.
    Anywhere you go with your BlackBerry Curve 9220, listen to FM radio very easily, you can easily listen to your preferred local radio stations with the help of its built-in FM radio feature, so listing to news, music from your local FM radio stations is really very easy.
    The battery of BlackBerry Curve 9220 lasts for long time in one charge to make sure that you never miss any important moment. Read more…

  • BlackBerry Z10 (Charcoal Black) Review 2014

    BlackBerry 10 OS with 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1800mAH batteryThe BlackBerry Z10 uses an advanced v10 operating system, the v10 OS is a powerful & flexible operating system that has too many special features to run many applications at the same time without any problems. Using this v10 OS Z10 blackberry Smartphone, you can create multiple profiles, and you can easily maintain data separately for different purposes. The BlackBerry z10 uses Qualcomm MSM8960 snapdragon chip-set enabling you to get the advantages of a powerful snapdragon chip-set. It has a 4.2” touch-screen display to view images and videos very clearly. The clear display uses 7668 x 1280 pixels of resolution with a 365 PPI colour density.
    The advanced blackberry phone comes with an internal memory capacity of 16GB that can be extended to 64GB as well. Having the large storage power of the memory card, you can easily store additional files, personal data, digital pictures and videos. It supports a USB 2.0 port to transfer data to any compatible devices such as PC, tablet, Smartphone, laptop etc.
    The powerful Blackberry Z10 lets you connect with your friends and family all the time at all the places, using the BlackBerry Hub; you can check incoming messages on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube etc. You can use this Smartphone for the purpose of multi-tasking, while checking messages on social networking sites; you can easily email your friends and do other tasks as well. Read more…