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  • Asus X200MA-KX141D 11.6 inches Laptop (Black) Review

    lightweight Asus X200MA-KX141D comes with powerful specifications in a cheap price. This mini laptop has all the things that you need for your computing related requirements. The X200MA-KX141D comes with in-built speakers that produce pleasing sound that you will love to hear. In case, you want to install Windows 7, you have to update the BIOS in the legacy mode; you can find all the BIOS updates at the official website of Asus. Asus laptop model Asus X200MA-KX141DYou want to buy a decent mini laptop for your personal internet surfing needs, this Asus X200MA-KX141D 11.6 inches Laptop (Black) will be perfect as per your requirements. Amazon is a good shopping website for buying physical or digital products online. It handles delivery related tasks very carefully and very fast with a reasonable shipping price, you are also able to get the cash-on-delivery option means it provides lots of flexibility to buy products online. When you compare Amazon with FlipKart, you will defiantly find so many limitations with FlipKart that things you can’t find with Amazon. Read more…

  • HP Slate 6 Voice Tab (16GB,WiFi, 3G, Voice Calling), Black

    HP Slate 6 Voice tablet
    3000mAH battery, 5MP camera, 6-inch screen, Android 4.2.2 OS

    This beautiful HP Slate 6 Voice Tab lets you enjoy fast web browsing, play music in an excellent way and play video games without any speed problems. For accessing advanced programs, you are not going to face compatibility related issues with this HP tablet that comes at a reasonable price from Amazon India shopping website. This HP Slate voice calling tablet uses a quad-core powerful processor, 3G network and dual SIM, means it gives you the required flexibility for voice calling, accessing graphic intensive websites at fast speed while you are not going to pay much for buying such powerful tablet. This dual camera tablet has great cameras at front side and back side that deliver excellent picture quality, you can use the front-camera for video chatting purposes as well. When it comes to storage capacity, you are going to access a large capacity 32GB expandable memory for all your content storage requirements. Most tablets come with integrated battery, but this HP tablet comes with a removable battery that delivers impressive performance and work for a longer hours so that you don’t have to depend on your electricity all the times, you can happily use this tablet even your area is having electricity related issues. The removable battery gives you one ore scope of replacement so that you can replace the battery with your choice to get more impressive performance. As this HP slate tablet comes with Quad-core processor so multi-tasking will become very easy, you can easily edit documents while listening to music or doing other stuffs. Moreover, this tablet is compatible with 3G network and voice calling so that you can easily connect with your friends and family to make voice call or you can interact them over social media websites as per your own requirements. Moreover, you have an option to convert your powerful HP tablet into your personal music store. This HP tablet features HP Connect Music that has more than 1.5M songs to download from different categories such as Bollywood, regional and international music in CD quality. Read more…